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Name:Tyler Jansen [OC]
Birthdate:Apr 4
Tyler Jansen is the youngest of the Jansen siblings. He has an older brother, Paul [missingthepiece] and a sister, Abbie [thislastrequest]. The three grew up on a farm and are thick as thieves. He loves to play pranks, especially on his sister.

He is currently attending the University of Arizona on a baseball scholarship. He is studying Business and is rather serious about it.

That doesn't mean he doesn't party. In fact, he can party rather hard, even without drinking too much. He wouldn't touch drugs with a ten foot pole and rubber gloves. He's seen the aftermath of a drug addiction and it doesn't appeal to him in the slightest. Though, he is trying to shake the "innocent" little brother image that Abbie seems to have fixed in her mind. He tries really, really hard to get his brother, Paul's, approval.

Tyler was quite mature from a young age. At the ripe age of twenty he's searching for love, wherever it may be. He's exploring his sexuality, not sure if he likes men, women or both. He's not opposed to a one-night stand, but would prefer to fall in love, or have a relationship.


He's very allergic to strawberries.
He doesn't like to watch porn.
He likes to form his own opinions of people.
He's always got food, usually chocolate, on him.
His favourite author is Edgar Allan Poe.
He likes to listen to Nightwish and The Academy Is....
Totally a morning person.
He's fashion conscious, but not always.
He's rather good at picking locks.
He works part-time at a smoothie bar.

Tyler Jansen is mine, technically. Hunter Parrish is not. No harm is intended from the creation of use of this journal and both the mun and muse are over 18. Don't sue.
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